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HQ, Military Lands and Cantonments is located in Pak Secretariat No.2 Murree Road, Rawalpindi. It comprises Director General Secretariat and four directorates namely Directorates of Headquarters, Finance & Planning, Land, and Cantonment Administration. All activities of the department are supervised and monitored through these directorates. 

Directorates of HQ ML&C and Functions


Directorate of Human Resource(HR) comprises of following sections:-

- HR Govt


- IT / Data Center

- Monitoring, Evaluation & Training (ME&T)

- Admin, Security & Protocol Section (AS&P)

HR - Govt & CB Section

- Appointment / Promotion /Transfer & Postings of staff of Government side

- Promotion / Posting of staff of Cantt Board

- Complaint / Disciplinary cases of Government / Cantt Board side

- Pension cases of Government / Cantt Board side

- Leave / Retirements / Movement Sanctions / TA / DA (Government / Cantt side)

- Medical Bills / Age Relaxation cases of Government / Cantt Side

- Pay and allowances of staff of HQ ML&C

- MCMC, SMC, NMC & foreign training cases

Admin Security & Protocol

- Central receipts, Diary and Dispatch

- Arrangements of Photostat / Fax

- Provision of stationary

- Utility Bills / Telephone / Contingencies / misc expenses

- Dealing with & controlling vehicles of the Department including staff cars


AD Networking & Database

- Looking after the Computerization process of the Deptt.

- Management of Data Centre and Software House of ML&C Dept

- Design, Development, Deployment, and Implementation of IT Solutions

- IT Training & Technical Support for ML&C offices

- Expenditure Budget forecasts for IT projects of the Deptt

- Looking after all matters connected with the IT requirements of the Deptt.

Monitoring, Evaluation & Training

- Preparing schedules for inspection by respective Directors and on behalf of the DG ML&C

- Analysis and Evaluation of the inspection reports

- Ensuring compliance with the DG ML&C’s decision/orders on the inspection reports

- Over-viewing and monitoring all training courses conducted by CIMLA 

- Administering the affairs of CIMLA

- Dealing with nominations for capacity building / short courses conducted by STI or any other institute established by the Government



Directorate of Lands comprises of following sections:-

- Lands

- Land, Evaluation & Hiring (LE&H)

- Town Planning (TP)

- Legal Section



- Formulation of policy regarding land matters

- Matters involving mutations / transfers / lease / change of purpose of lands / properties requiring sanction of ML&C Department / MoD

- Dealing with Services HQs, Ministry of Defence regarding land matters other than those entrusted to LE&H section

- Inquiries/investigations in land matters

- Supervision & conduct of court cases regarding the title of lands/encroachments & allied issues

- Any other job assigned by the DG ML&C

Land Evaluation & Hiring

- Acquisition of Private Land

- Transfer of provincial Government Land for defence purposes

- Hiring / Requisition of Lands / Building for Armed Forces

- Placement of funds at the disposal of MEO concerned on receipt from services HQs

- To deal with cases under the provision of Works of Defence Act, 1903 & the cases of requisition/acquisition of land under Defence of India Act 1939 and rules made thereunder

- The Maneuvers, Field Firing and Artillery Practice Act 1938

Town Planning

- Preparation & processing of housing/town planning / Development Scheme

- Allotment of plots under Defence Housing Schemes & allied matters

- Preparation & updating of GLR & GLR Plans of Cantts

- Conducting surveys of Cantts

Law Officer

- Dealing with the legal cases of the Department & correspondence with Law & Justice Division etc



Directorate of Finance and Planning (F&P) comprises of following sections:-

- Finance & Budget(F&B)

- IE&P Cell

Finance & Budget

- Allocation of funds under various heads Grant-in-Aid to CGH Rawalpindi for Medicare (MOD) assistance package & Grant-in-Aid to Cantt Boards

- Allocation of Grant-in-Aid (Special and Ordinary) to the Cantonment Boards

- The hiring of office / residential accommodation under Accommodation Allocation Rules, 2002

- The imposition of Taxes e.g. House / Property Tax, TIP Tax, Toll Tax, etc under Cantonment Act, 1924

- Election of the Cantonment Boards under Cantonment Act 1924 and Cantonment Local Government Election Rules 2002

- The nomination of the member of the Cantonment Boards under Cantonment Act, 1924

- Analysis of Annual Budgets & Annual Accounts of Cantt Boards

- Processing of monthly receipts & expenditure of HQ ML&C, Ds ML&C & MEOs


- Local Test Audit Reports (LTARs)

- Advance Draft Paras

- Draft Paras

- Public Accounts Committee Directives

- Quartering Reports

- Appropriation Account

- Monthly General State Accounts



Directorate of Cantt Administration (Cantt Admin) comprises of following sections:-

- Policy & Municipal Administration Section (P&MA)

- Health

- Education

Cantt Admin

- Monitoring of Cantt Board Resolutions

- Analysis of Annual Administration Reports

- Supervising all matters relating to governance & administration of Cantt area

- Observance of Laws & rules framed thereunder relating to Cantt areas

- Any issue between Cantt Boards & the Federal or Provincial Governments

- Building Bye-Laws


- Monitoring and control of the Health Facilities in the Cantonment Boards

- Looking after Health-related activities in Cantonments 

- Implementation of Health-related policies of HQ ML&C in Cantonments


- Monitoring and control of the Education Facilities in the Cantonment Boards

- Looking after Education-related activities in Cantonments

- Implementation of Education related policies of HQ ML&C in Cantonments



Website http://www.mlc.gov.pk

Phone 051-111-111-652

Email [email protected]

Address HQ Military Lands and Cantonments, Pak Secretariat No. 02, Opposite Healthways Laboratories, Murree Road, Saddar Rawalpindi

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