Cantonment Board Citizen Assistance and Rapid Execution


To ensure pro-people and efficient local governance in Cantts and to facilitate cantt residents, ML&C Deptt reformed existing facilitation centers established in Cantonment Boards into State of the Art CBCARE (Cantonment Board Citizen Assistance and Rapid Execution) Centers.  The concept behind establishment of CBCARE Centers is to provide not only the facilitation for submission of applications but also to ensure rapid execution / processing of the applications. To ensure it, ML&C Dept developed CBCARE Software System and Mobile Application. All applications and complaints submitted through the system are timebound. CBCARE Software System comprises Application Management System (AMS), Complaint Management System(CMS) and Mail Management System(MMS). Applications / Complaints submitted in CBCARE Centers through the system can be monitored and tracked by the respective management. Applicants are also informed about the progress on the submitted application through mobile SMS. 


A mobile Application with the name of CBCARE is also available on the Apple Store and Android Play Store. Residents can download the application through their iphone / android phones. The Mobile App is integrated with CBCARE Centers and serves as a complementary channel between Cantt Residents and Cantonment Boards. Residents can use the app for the following:-

- Track applications submitted through CBCARE Center

- Verify Computerized Challans issued by the Cantonment Board

- Register any complaint related to the Cantonment Board through the app

- How do I- Get information about different SOPs / procedures for submission of application in the Cantonment Board

- Locate ML&C Deptt offices all over Pakistan on the Map