Following independence of Pakistan, the assets that were with the Ex-state forces and the lands that had been in use for defence purposes accrued to the Government of Pakistan (Ministry of Defence) through constitutional provisions. These were brought on record and consolidated by Military Estates Officers. Presently, there are 11 Military Estate Circles in Pakistan to manage the record of Defence Land. 

Each ME Circle is managed by a Military Estate Officer (MEO) posted by HQ ML&C Dept. Military Estate Officers act as agents of the Government of Pakistan and perform functions under the rules for the Acquisition, Custody and Relinquishment of lands. Following are main functions of Military Estate Officer: -


- Custodian of state land record

- Leasing, acquisition, requisition & hiring for defence purposes

- Safeguards state interest in litigations

- Local advisor to all stakeholder

List of Military Estate Circles

- ME Circle Peshawar

- ME Circle Kohat

- ME Circle Abbottabad

- ME Circle Rawalpindi

- ME Circle Gujranwala

- ME Circle Lahore

- ME Circle Sargodha

- ME Circle Multan

- ME Circle Hyderabad

- ME Circle Karachi

- ME Circle Quetta