• Formulation of policy regarding land matters
  • Matters involving mutations / transfers / lease / change of purpose of lands / properties requiring sanction of ML&C Department / MoD
  • Dealing with Services HQs, Ministry of Defence regarding land matters other than those entrusted to LE&H section
  • Inquiries / investigations in land matters
  • Supervision & conduct of court cases regarding title of lands / encroachments & allied issues
  • Any other job assigned by the DG ML&C
Land Evaluation & Hiring
  • Acquisition of Private Land
  • Obtaining Government sanction from MoD on the demand / requirement of Armed Forces
  • Transfer of provincial Government Land for defence purposes
  • Hiring / Requisition of Lands / Building for Armed Forces
  • Placement of funds at the disposal of MEO concerned on receipt from services HQs
  • To deal with cases under the provision of works of Defence Act, 1903
  • To deal with the cases of requisition / acquisition of land under Defence of India Act 1939 and rules made there under the Defence of Pakistan Rules 1965 & 1971
  • The Maneuvers, Field Firing and Artillery Practice Act 1938
  • Any other job assigned by the DG ML&C
Town Planning
  • Preparation & processing of housing / town planning / Development Scheme
  • Allotment of plots under Defence Housing Schemes & allied matters
  • Preparation & updating of GLR 7 GLR Plans of Cantts
  • Conducting of surveys of Cantts
  • Any other job assigned by the DG ML&C
Law Officer
  • Dealing with the legal cases of the Department & correspondence with Law & Justice Division etc