Karachi Cantonment Board

KARACHI CANTONMENT BOARD is the oldest Cantonment of Karachi Region,which was established in 1842 after the advent of British Empire in Sindh. Being capital city, all major businesses & educational residential activities etc. were part of KCB. Its delimitation process continued at different intervals but major bifurcation started during 1970s – 80 when lines area was excluded and further remaining area was bifurcated into CBC and KCB. As a result its dynamics have changed with the reduction of its area which at the moment is 12.46

Karachi Cantonment is now like an island of irregular shape and surrounded from all sides by the adjoining Municipal area, which is managed and controlled by the KMC/CDGK under the new setup..



Phone (021)99332967


Address 259, Sarwar Shaheed Road, Karachi Cantonmnet.


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