Finance & Budget
  • Allocation of funds under various heads i.e. (Misc expenditures including TA / DA, Training of ML&C Officers, Rent of hired / requisitioned premises, Utility Charges, Grant-in-Aid to CGH Rawalpindi for Medicare (MOD) assistance package & Grant-in-Aid to Cantt Boards
  • Allocation of Grant-in-Aid (Special and Ordinary) to the Cantonment Boards
  • Hiring of office / residential accommodation under Pakistan Allocation Rules, 1993 (now Accommodation Allocation Rules, 2002)
  • Imposition of Taxes e.g. House / Property Tax, TIP Tax, Toll Tax, etc under Cantonment Act, 1924
  • Election of the Cantonment Boards under Cantonment Act 1924 and Cantonment Local Government Election Rules 2002
  • Nomination of member of the Cantonment Boards under Cantonment Act, 1924
  • Analysis of Annual Budgets & Annual Accounts of Cantt Boards
  • Processing of monthly receipts & expenditure of HQ ML&C, Ds ML&C & MEOs
  • Any other job assigned by the DG ML&C
IE&P Cell
  • Local Test Audit Reports (LTARs)
  • Advance Draft Paras
  • Draft Paras
  • Public Accounts Committee Directives
  • Quartering Reports
  • Appropriation Account
  • Monthly General State Accounts
  • Memorandum for Department Accounts Committee Report in respect of DG ML&C’s Office, Regional HQs, MEOs, ME Sections and all Cantonment Boards
  • Any other job assigned by the DG ML&C